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MIL-DTL-26482 Series II


The MIL-DTL-26482 Series II connectors are a miniature lightweight circular connector which uses a quick dis-connect bayonet coupling for rapid positive mating. These connectors are environmentally sealed are inter-mateable, inter-mountable and inter-changeable with MIL-DTL-26482 Series I connectors. The improvements of Series II include the use of high-quality crimp contacts, the option of a broad range of Mil-Spec rear accessories and operate within a wider temperature range.


  • Rugged aluminium shell
  • Accept M85049 rear accessories
  • High density 2-61 contact arrangements
  • Gold plated snap-in M39029 crimp style contacts
  • Range of finishes available

Common Applications

  • Aerospace
  • Aviation
  • Rail
  • Electrical systems
  • Industrial equipment

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Parts We Commonly Stock

If your part is not listed please contact us for availability.

Part numbers:

MS3470W8-3P MS3470W8-3S MS3470W8-4P MS3470W8-4S
MS3470W8-33P MS3470W8-33S MS3470W10-6P MS3470W10-6S
MS3470W12-3P MS3470W12-3S MS3470W12-8P MS3470W12-8S
MS3470W12-10P MS3470W12-10S MS3470W14-12P MS3470W14-12S
MS3470W14-15P MS3470W14-15S MS3470W16-8P MS3470W16-8S
MS3470W16-23P MS3470W16-23S MS3470W16-26P MS3470W16-26S
MS3470W18-8P MS3470W18-8S MS3470W20-16P MS3470W20-16S
MS3470W20-41P MS3470W20-41S MS3470W22-41P MS3470W22-41S
MS3470W22-55P MS3470W22-55S MS3471W8-3P MS3471W8-3S
MS3471W8-4P MS3471W8-4S MS3471W8-33P MS3471W8-33S
MS3471W10-6P MS3471W10-6S MS3471W12-3P MS3471W12-3S
MS3471W12-8P MS3471W12-8S MS3471W12-10P MS3471W12-10S
MS3471W14-12P MS3471W14-12S MS3471W14-15P MS3471W14-15S
MS3471W16-8P MS3471W16-8S MS3471W16-23P MS3471W16-23S
MS3471W16-26P MS3471W16-26S MS3471W18-8P MS3471W18-8S
MS3471W20-16P MS3471W20-16S MS3471W20-41P MS3471W20-41S
MS3471W22-41P MS3471W22-41S MS3471W22-55P MS3471W22-55S
MS3472W8-3P MS3472W8-3S MS3472W8-4P MS3472W8-4S
MS3472W8-33P MS3472W8-33S MS3472W10-6P MS3472W10-6S
MS3472W12-3P MS3472W12-3S MS3472W12-8P MS3472W12-8S
MS3472W12-10P MS3472W12-10S MS3472W14-12P MS3472W14-12S
MS3472W14-15P MS3472W14-15S MS3472W16-8P MS3472W16-8S
MS3472W16-23P MS3472W16-23S MS3472W16-26P MS3472W16-26S
MS3472W18-8P MS3472W18-8S MS3472W20-16P MS3472W20-16S
MS3472W20-41P MS3472W20-41S MS3472W22-41P MS3472W22-41S
MS3472W22-55P MS3472W22-55S MS3474W8-3P MS3474W8-3S
MS3474W8-4P MS3474W8-4S MS3474W8-33P MS3474W8-33S
MS3474W10-6P MS3474W10-6S MS3474W12-3P MS3474W12-3S
MS3474W12-8P MS3474W12-8S MS3474W12-10P MS3474W12-10S
MS3474W14-12P MS3474W14-12S MS3474W14-15P MS3474W14-15S
MS3474W16-8P MS3474W16-8S MS3474W16-23P MS3474W16-23S
MS3474W16-26P MS3474W16-26S MS3474W18-8P MS3474W18-8S
MS3474W20-16P MS3474W20-16S MS3474W20-41P MS3474W20-41S
MS3474W22-41P MS3474W22-41S MS3474W22-55P MS3474W22-55S
MS3475W8-3P MS3475W8-3S MS3475W8-4P MS3475W8-4S
MS3475W8-33P MS3475W8-33S MS3475W10-6P MS3475W10-6S
MS3475W12-3P MS3475W12-3S MS3475W12-8P MS3475W12-8S
MS3475W12-10P MS3475W12-10S MS3475W14-12P MS3475W14-12S
MS3475W14-15P MS3475W14-15S MS3475W16-8P MS3475W16-8S
MS3475W16-23P MS3475W16-23S MS3475W16-26P MS3475W16-26S
MS3475W18-8P MS3475W18-8S MS3475W20-16P MS3475W20-16S
MS3475W20-41P MS3475W20-41S MS3475W22-41P MS3475W22-41S
MS3475W22-55P MS3475W22-55S MS3476W8-3P MS3476W8-3S
MS3476W8-4P MS3476W8-4S MS3476W8-33P MS3476W8-33S
MS3476W10-6P MS3476W10-6S MS3476W12-3P MS3476W12-3S
MS3476W12-8P MS3476W12-8S MS3476W12-10P MS3476W12-10S
MS3476W14-12P MS3476W14-12S MS3476W14-15P MS3476W14-15S
MS3476W16-8P MS3476W16-8S MS3476W16-23P MS3476W16-23S
MS3476W16-26P MS3476W16-26S MS3476W18-8P MS3476W18-8S
MS3476W20-16P MS3476W20-16S MS3476W20-41P MS3476W20-41S
MS3476W22-41P MS3476W22-41S MS3476W22-55P MS3476W22-55S